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Written by: Marie Darmyn



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It’s official – holiday season is here, and frankly, it couldn’t have come sooner. You’ve already bought a brand new bikini wardrobe and a well-deserved break at a glam destination is just around the corner. But topping up your sun tan and sampling the local cocktails isn’t the only thing on your agenda – feeling confident and looking good is crucial, and that starts with your hair.

Holidays are blissful, but brutal on your locks. From battling with chlorine and heat, to salt water and sweat, it may well feel like an uphill battle. However, maintaining hot girl hair needn’t be that difficult, not when you know my personal tips and tricks.

Dodge the damage

Lazing beside the pool is all fun and games until you consider the chlorine. Unfortunately, chlorinated water can weaken the hair’s protein structure – meaning strands can become dry and weak. And for the beach-lovers out there, you’re not in the clear either. Sadly, the water from the sea exposes your hair to excess salt which can leave it rough and dehydrated. It’s hugely important that you rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming, and then use a dry oil, particularly focusing on the ends, to nourish it back to health.

Handle the heat

A healthy boost of vitamin D is exactly what attracts us to places with warmer climates – although it’s essential to remember that sun protection is paramount. You wouldn’t jet off without packing your SPF skincare products or a pair of stylish shades, and so, why should your hair care be any different? If you’re heading off somewhere where the air is humid, I highly recommend bringing an anti-humidity spray which you can use to prevent frizz and tame fly-aways without weighing your hair down. Plus, the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair – a heat protection spray certainly wouldn’t go amiss if you’re planning on bathing in direct sunlight.

Keep it creamy

Holidays are glorious for the mind, body and soul – but your hair? Not so much. Chances are your hair will require some extra care during your trip abroad because of how dry it can become. Be sure to pack some creamy leave-in conditioner, especially if your curl pattern type is on the more coily end of the spectrum (like 4C for instance), for an extra shot of moisture.

Bon voyage!




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