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How to condition your natural hair daily while wearing wigs

Written by: Monica Popa



Time to read 1 min

Recently I shared a video on Mimi et Mina's Instagram page about looking after your natural hair while wearing a wig, make sure you follow us for more tips

Dryness is what we all experience when we are wearing hair extensions and we always forget to use oils or leave in conditioners.

Wearing wigs is a great protective style for your afro hair in the winter time specially. It is essential that daily you use a light hydrating spray, conditioner or a light oil.



Anything heavy won’t do the job because you just want to keep your hair moisturised and not saturate it with products. I’m always shocked when I see videos with women just greasing their scalp with some very heavy hair oils.

That always get a big NO from me because instead of moisturising you are saturating your scalp and actually blocking it from breathing.

So here are the 3 steps to healthy hair underneath the wig and the right products to use:

  1. Hydrating conditioning spray daily
  2. Use hair hair oil every 3 days 
  3. Use an edge tamer to lie your edges so that you are sure when the wind blows it doesn't show.

The products that are an absolute must in your hair care routine:

1. Hydrating conditioning spray from Afrocenchix 

Sheen - Natural Moisturising Spray

Keracare edge tamer



3. Scalp serum by Olivia Care 


tea tree & aloe scalp serum




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