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Our Story



My journey began in Burkina Faso, West Africa; where i was born premature and small enough to fit in the palm of my parents hands. I was so delicate that their whole universe was shaken by the possibility of me not making it. 

My mother would often remember those moments, and tell me that despite her worry, the nurse caring for me was sure I would survive because she saw the strength in me.

I was a fighter from the first breath I took, and it was only over the years that I would acknowledge this hidden drive behind everything I did.


My childhood was full of love. I was a happy, studious child, surrounded by nurturing friends and a devoted family. Although I was quite content, I had big dreams; and by age 8, I already knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and build a beauty business of my own. 




I took my first steps towards this dream by moving to France to study at the age of 18. Ever the studious child, I focused on my business degree, but always kept an eye on the beauty industry.

During my second year of university I began dreaming about Mimi et Mina. Like many of the most coveted and acclaimed luxury brands in the world, the idea was born from a feeling of frustration. I was struggling to find a place where I could not only have my hair done, but feel pampered, comfortable and valued.

I wanted an attractive, welcoming salon where women from all backgrounds could gather to have their hair done and enjoying their time there. But that space did not exist yet.


I moved to London in 2014 and that was the catalyst to making my dream come true. I launched Mimi et Mina a year later in the heart of London's Notting Hill and over time the salon became an established brand, synonymous with luxury hair treatments and first class customer service. 

Founder of Mimi et Mina


After 7 years, Mimi et Mina had become the space for women that I had always dreamed about. Our clients adored the salon's aesthetics, our staff and their experience with both. But the frustration I had felt all those years ago had returned. It saddened me that there still wasn't a business which offered black women high quality hair, and truly understood and cared for us. This thought sparked another idea: the Mimi et Mina online store.


I began painstakingly sourcing the best hair from around the globe, and curating a portfolio of only the best haircare products that were made to nourish and black women's hair. 

Now, as Mimi et Mina evolves into a global brand that provides you with all your haircare needs, I invite you to join the movement. Whether you visit us in our salon to experience our exceptional service or shop online for premium products made with you in mind, your needs will always come first. 

Your luxury experience is my dream.