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Every winter we boost our immune system with vitamins to provide the nutrients we are missing. I believe we should as well boost our hair by giving it what it needs to strive. Here I share 5 vitamins that will make your hair happy again.

  1. Philip Kingsley Tricho complex

Helps to support hair wellness from within to growing healthy hair, you will see results after using it for 12 weeks, been voted the best hair growth vitamin by harper’s bazaar. Buy here

2. Phytophanere

I would recommend this for women having hair loss, fine or devitalised hair. Known for supporting strength, growth and volume. A minimum of 8 weeks daily use is recommended to see results. This will re-densify the hair and is rich in vitamin B and antioxidants. Buy here


3. Aime Hair & scalp boost

Boosting and balancing the scalp, this product promotes healthy hair growth with a unique blend of probiotics, biotin, folic acid and rice proteins. Buy here


 4. Vida glow Hairology

Is a repair and strengthening vitamin as a part of your daily routine. I would recommend it for women having hair thinning. This product will make your hair thicker. Buy here


5. Nue growth phase

This product is for women with thinning, slow growing hair that's prone to breakages. 

Your daily dose of key vitamins, proteins and adaptogens cover all bases when it comes to a healthy hair growth cycle. Balancing nutrition deficiencies, regulating hormones, calming stress and protecting against free radicals for longer, thicker, fuller hair. Buy here


Until next time,