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Do Fast Hair Growth Products Really Work? We Investigate

Written by: Mimi Kone



Time to read 3 min

We've all seen the claims - take this vitamin, oil or laser device and watch your hair grow an inch a week! But is there any truth to the marketing hype around hair growth aids? As caring curators of curls and coils, we're digging into the evidence. Today we're exploring what's worth investing in versus what is just snake oil when it comes to achieving faster hair growth.


First up on the hot seat: hair vitamins. A lack of certain nutrients can in fact impact growth. Iron deficiency is a common cause of thinning hair, and getting enough biotinfolic acidzinc and vitamin D is essential for healthy strands. But don't expect a basic multivitamin to create a miracle. 

Targeted options with higher doses like Nutrafol or Viviscal can help improve growth, but only if you have a deficiency. Don't get sucked into promises of extremely rapid growth through vitamins alone.

Nutrafol: Nutrafol is a hair growth supplement that has shown promise in a 2018 randomized controlled trial, particularly for women. It was found to improve hair growth by addressing factors like stress, micro-inflammation, and oxidative damage. Customer reviews on the brand's website suggest that Nutrafol can reduce shedding and stimulate new hair growth, improving thickness and volume. However, it's important to note that some customers did not observe any significant improvement​​.


What about oils? Castor and rosemary oil in particular have developed a reputation for boosting growth. The antioxidants and circulation-promoting effects may provide some benefit. But little research proves topical oils can speed up the actual growth cycle. Think of scalp-stimulating oils as more of a supplement to massage, which improves hair health overall. Focus the oils on your scalp for nourishing and circulation, not expecting them to create multiple inches quickly.

Mielle Hair Growth Oil Rosemary and Mint Oil: Rosemary oil has been recommended for encouraging hair growth and preventing hair loss. Its ability to block the effects of DHT, which can lead to hair loss, and its role in stimulating blood flow to hair follicles, are key factors contributing to its potential benefits for hair growth. However, more comprehensive research is needed to fully assess its efficacy. It's suggested to use rosemary oil in combination with scalp massages for improved hair health​​​​​​​​.


Next we have the laser caps and devices promising to wake up dormant follicles. Low-level laser light therapy has gained FDA-clearance for regrowing hair. But the extent of new growth is more modest in reality. Laser treatments can gradually thicken hair over several months by improving scalp health. Just don't expect the dramatic before-and-afters you see in ads.

Collagenius Hair Growth 144 Laser Helmet: This device uses low-level laser therapy to stimulate hair regrowth and improve hair density, particularly for conditions like androgenetic alopecia. It is considered a non-invasive, non-prescription treatment option​​​​​​​​.

Clinically proven low level laser technology LLLT to treat male & female hair loss and thinning and improving condition of scalp for healthier regrowth.

144 lasers diodes - more than twice the nearest competitor to provide the most effective treatment to the whole scalp. By far the best results.

Laser hair growth helmet treats the whole scalp evenly and effectively penetrating deep into the dermis to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth at the root of the follicles.

A natural and safe hair loss and restoration solution using red light therapy technology with zero side effects.

Cost-effective - saving you thousands against other, less effective treatments such as hair loss clinics and drug therapy for hair loss.

These products can be part of a comprehensive hair care regimen focusing on scalp health, gentle handling, and protective styling. While they may offer benefits, it's crucial to set realistic expectations regarding the rate and extent of hair growth. Regular trims and proper hair care are also essential for maintaining hair health.


Finally, we come to serums. You'll see ingredients like caffeine or peptides touted in growth products. In reality, research on topical treatments shows limitations for actually increasing the length your hair can grow. Look for formulas focused on thickness, like Nioxin. And know that no serum truly replicates regular trims to minimize breakage and keep ends healthy.

Nioxin Serum: Nioxin products have been backed by over 30 years of independent research and are supported by the Institute of Trichologists. The range includes products for thinning hair, from shampoos to thickening styling products. Benefits include improved blood circulation to the scalp, reduced inflammation, a dandruff-free scalp, blocking of DHT, and promoting healthy shiny hair with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Although there are mixed reviews, the general consensus is that Nioxin is effective for thinning hair.


The takeaway? While no holy grail yet exists, options like Nutrafol, rosemary oil massages and laser devices can supplement a healthy hair care regimen. But results will be gradual and moderate. For true growth, focus on scalp health, gentle handling, protective styling and regular trims. Your lengths will flourish over time with TLC. No snake oil needed!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was informative.

Until next time, 




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