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Frequently asked questions

At Mimi et Mina, every client is indulged and regaled. We put outstanding effort into making you feel comfortable whilst in our salon, and confident when you leave. 

So you can feel assured and ready to enjoy our premium services, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you to read ahead of your visit to our salon.

If you have any further queries, please contact and we will happily answer them. 

“What hair services do you offer?”

You can find a full list of our services, including pricing here

"What days and times do you open?"

 We are open Wednesday - Friday : 11am – 7pm and Saturday: 10:30am – 6:30pm.

“Do you do home visits?”

No, we work solely from our stylish and inviting salon located at 16 Needham Rd, Notting Hill London W11 2RP.

 “What should I do to my hair before my appointment?”

Our salon team will always ensure that your hair is in optimum condition before it is styled. However, if a wash isn’t included in your service, we kindly ask that you arrive with your hair clean, detangled and product free.  

 “Can you braid short hair?”

Absolutely. Our stylists are all highly trained and experienced at braiding hair of all lengths and textures.

“Does the pricing for weaves, tape extensions, braids and twists include the hair?”

No, pricing doesn’t include the hair. We encourage you to purchase the braiding hair of your choice and bring it along to your appointment; this is the same for tape extensions.

For our weave and extension services, you may bring your own, or purchase hair of assured high quality from our website. If you place an order with us, please allow 24 to 48 hours for the hair to be ready to install.

 “Do you do children’s hair?”

Yes we do. Children are very welcome at Mimi et Mina.

“Does the weave retightening include a hair wash?”

No, the retightening does not include a hair wash. If you require a wash you will have to add it to your booking.

 “What is a silk press and how long does it last?”

 A silk press is a method of straightening your natural curl pattern without the need for harsh chemicals. 

With proper care, your silk press can last up to three weeks or whenever you shampoo your hair next. But as with any straightened hair style, you need to take into consideration the weather (humidity or rain), as well as your lifestyle (gym) to judge if it is the best straightening method for you.

 “What is a keratin blow-dry and long does it last?”

A keratin blow-dry is a hair smoothing and straightening method/process. Your hair stylist will wash and roughly blow dry your hair. This is to remove any dirt, oils or dry shampoo before they start, as the treatment works best on clean hair. The keratin treatment will then be applied all over your hair and left for around 30 minutes.

Your hair will be rinsed, and your stylist will apply heat to lock in the treatment. It will then be blow-dried again, before the final straightening. The results can last up to 3 months.

Please note, you will not be able to wash, style, tie up or tuck your hair behind your ears for 48 hours, as this can affect the treatment’s results.

For ongoing benefits, it is best to do the treatment regularly to keep building on the previous visit. Over time, as you have it done regularly, it will start to have a cumulative effect where the straightening will last for longer. We don’t advise missing treatments as your re-growth will get longer and the difference of texture between the lengths and the roots may be slightly visible, but nothing alarming.

 “Do I need to use specific products after my keratin blow-dry treatment?”

We suggest avoiding the use of hair products until after your first shampoo, post-treatment. The keratin will keep your hair in great condition without the need for styling products.

For ongoing maintenance, we recommend using a specialised keratin heat protectant when thermal styling your hair, and a keratin-focused hair serum to keep the ends of your hair hydrated.

 “How often should I have my keratin blow-dry treatment redone?”

The Keratin Blow Dry treatment is a semi-permanent treatment which requires repeating every 12 weeks onwards, depending on your hair type and style preference.

“What is an LA Weave and how long does it last?”

The LA Weave is a hair extension method that works well on both European and Afro hair. A foundation is formed using micro rings (or microbeads), onto which tracks of weft hair are sewn. They lay completely flat to the head and look wonderfully natural.

The LA Weave method will last for 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and lifestyle.

 “What are tape hair extensions and how long do they last?”

Tape hair extensions are a semi-permanent hair extension method that usually lasts around 6-8 weeks. This method uses adhesive weft tape that does not require heat to be secured and allows your natural hair to continue to grow. Because they lay flat to the head, they are a great option for thin hair. They are also quick to fit in and provide a beautifully natural finish.

 “How do I look after my tape hair extensions?”

Once your tape extensions are in, do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure properly.

We advise washing your hair 1-2 times a week, depending on your usual hair wash routine. When conditioning your hair and hair extensions, do not apply conditioner to the scalp and roots as this will cause the tape to slowly lose adhesive.

 “What is an Arosci service and how long does it last?”

 This is one of Mimi’s favourites! The Arosci is a protein treatment that gently loosens your curls, making them easier to manage. The process is similar to a Keratin treatment and also lasts up to 3 months.

 “What is a partial Arosci service?”

 During a partial Arosci service, only the hairline is straightened, which makes it ideal if you wear sew-in weaves and wish to leave your hairline and edges out.

 “What is a Yuko straightening treatment and how long does it last?”

 The Yuko hair straightening treatment is also known as "Japanese Hair Straightening" or "Thermal Reconditioning". It does not contain any chemicals and produces zero fumes or any other toxic substances.

The Yuko straightening treatment is almost permanent. However, any new growth will be according to your natural texture; we recommend that you get touch-up appointments every 4 to 6 months, but the frequency will depend on your natural hair texture and how fast it grows.

 "Will I pay less if I come to may appointment with pre-washed hair?"

If the wash is included in the price, coming to the salon with pre-washed hair will not reduce the price of your appointment. We want to make sure your hair and scalp are in optimum condition for the service following your hair wash.

“I have a sensitive scalp; can I bring my own products to use in the salon?”

Yes, you can, however you may find the premium products we use to be equally gentle. We only use shampoo and conditioners that are Sulphate free.

“I want to prevent breakage, what would you recommend?”

 Our Protein Strengthening treatment is ideal for protecting hair that is prone to breakage. It works by adding protein to the cuticle layer of your hair strands to inject life back into your hair, making it a lot less likely to experience damaged later.

 “I want my hair to feel more hydrated. What would you recommend?”

 Our Mimi Hydrating mask is perfect for replenishing your hair with the moisture it requires. It’s a wonderfully luxurious service that ends with softer, visibly healthier hair.

 “I have an itchy/irritated scalp, what treatment would you recommend?”

 Our Scalp Treatment is a great solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, whether you require dandruff reduction or an irritated scalp to be gently soothed.