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Taking Care of Your Wig at Home: Extend Its Beauty and Lifespan

Written by: Marie Darmyn



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If there's one accessory that can dramatically transform your look, it’s the wig! Whether you've opted for a sassy pixie, a vivacious voluminous look, or anything in between, every wig is a testament to your unique style. But the real question is, how do you maintain its beauty? Don't fret, divas! At Mimi et Mina, our passion lies in empowering you to look your best. Dive into our guide on pampering your wig and ensuring it’s always runway-ready!



The Many Perks of Proper Wig Care


  • Flawless Appearance: Keeping up with routine care means your wig will always be ready for its close-up.

  • Longevity: Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your wig, making it a lasting asset.

  • Value for Money: High-quality wigs are an investment. Proper care ensures you reap the benefits for longer.


Your Go-To Guide for Wig Maintenance


1. Gentle and Thoughtful Washing

  • Wash Wisely: Avoid daily washes. Based on how often you wear it, washing every 6-8 times is a good rule of thumb.

  • Pick Quality Products: Ensure you're using wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners, preferably sulfate-free.

  • Keep it Cool: Always opt for cool to lukewarm water, preserving the wig’s texture and integrity.

2. The Art of Drying

  • No Heat Zone: Ditch the blow dryer. Instead, gently blot your wig with a soft towel and air dry.

  • Shape it Right: Use a wig stand to maintain the wig's shape and prevent it from getting flat.

3. Styling Secrets

  • Tame the Heat: If using heat tools, always keep them on the lowest setting.

  • Detangle with Care: Opt for a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Begin at the ends, moving upwards.

4. Store Like a Pro

  • Sunlight is a No-No: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can be detrimental. Store in a cool, shaded spot.

  • Shape Keepers: A wig stand or wig head is perfect to retain its shape.

  • Dust-Free Zone: A simple hair net can work wonders in preventing dust accumulation and tangles.

Wrapping it Up:

Wigs are the crown you never take off. They deserve all the love and care in the world to ensure they radiate beauty and confidence. And with the right maintenance, that wig will continue to be your loyal style companion for many days to come.

🌟 Sneak Peek: The Trio of Wig Foes!

We promised to tell you what are the 3 enemies your wig faces daily, so here is the summary:

Did you know that even when you're not wearing it, your wig is facing daily challenges? Here are three common enemies of wigs, and yes, one of them could be lurking in your bathroom!

  1. Heat: Excessive heat can be a wig's worst nightmare. This doesn't only refer to heat styling tools, but also to direct sunlight or even hot water during washes. The high temperature can damage the fibers of the wig, stripping it of its natural sheen and causing irreparable harm.

  2. Harsh Chemicals: This enemy might be sitting on your bathroom shelf! Many regular hair products contain chemicals that can degrade a wig's fibers over time. Sulfates, high-alcohol content sprays, or any non-wig specific product can reduce the longevity and appearance of your wig.

  3. Tangles & Friction: Constant friction, whether from wear or improper storage, can cause tangles and lead to breakage. This includes friction from pillows if you're wearing your wig to bed, or from not storing the wig properly when not in use.

The good news? With the right care and knowledge, these foes can be easily kept at bay. Want to know how? Dive deep into our blog post and arm yourself with the best wig care strategies!

The Wig Package

Maybe you're concerned you might cause more harm than good to your investment or you are lacking the time to do it yourself? We have the right service for you: The Wig Package.

Our package includes:

  • Washing

  • Conditioning

  • Blow dry

  • Style

So don't be shy and book your pamper session for your wig by clicking the button below.



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