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New Year, New You

Don’t we all want to start the NEW YEAR looking and feeling fabulous?
I love the start of a new year, it gives me new goals, new mindset, new everything…
I always have a bright feeling, I always want the year to be more meaningful and that starts with me feeling and looking my best! 
Because I want for you to feel and look your best too, I created a special code for you to shop our hair collections with code : NY20
When I want to feel and look my best I always start with my hairstyle and seek inspiration, then I will look at what is trendy in fashion this season. A little tip from me, I always shop in January for the sale.
In 2022 I want to feel sexy, so I start my year with very long hair. 22” hair can give you luxurious vibes, it’s versatile and gives you different styles. 
My top favourites this season are two different looks from my timeless collection.
Firstly it’s our gorgeous Timeless Mimi wig. I absolutely love it because it’s length empowers you honey! We only source the best human hair in the creation of this wig and exclusively use HD lace closure for our collections because to give you the best look!
The Timeless Mina wig is also one of my favourites because it has a very light brown balayage that automatically makes you look chic and effortless.
I would definitely say that for the new year, new me status, these 2 are two of the hottest Mimi et Mina products.
Why do I love wearing long wigs in January? Because it's winter, it’s cold and the long hair makes me feel cosy and it also protects my natural hair from breakage.

Personally I am a lace closure girl, and I absolutely recommend it for you! Just the thought of having to spend 1h in the morning to slay my frontal makes me anxious. It is so time consuming for me as a business woman! Lace closure wigs are amazing for professional women that want luxury hair without compromising on quality. 

And since the weather is cold and not only our hair needs extra TLC, what's brightening and loving my skin this month!

The day cream I love:

The eyebrow temple I visit for my microblading:

The make-up brand I am absolutely obsessed with for foundation, concealer and blush:

I hope these recommendations help you feel glamorous for New Year, New Me. If I haven’t convinced you yet, head over to our
instagram to see hair tutorial videos showing you how I rock these gorgeous wigs.