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2021 in Review

What a year 2021 has been!

We started it in a full lockdown for the first quarter of the year and I remember wondering what that will mean for my business, my small business. Will I be able to still honour my financial commitments? Will my clients come back? Will my stylists freelance from home?

All these questions were answered when I reopened on the 12th  April 2021 and we were literally fully booked back to back! WOW

I actually had to open the salon on Mondays to make sure we could see all our clients and provide them with a good service in a cosy environment.

We have had lots of new clients, and we have lost some too. I believe what has helped us really stay on the map was my consistent desire to improve the store, the customer journey and the service the salon provides. Through lockdown I enjoyed shooting some hair tutorials.

I am so grateful for all of you who have stepped into the Mimi et Mina salon this year. You have supported me and my team to keep doing the good work we want to provide and to be reassured that we do have people that appreciate what we offer.

Service is key, and most importantly good service is key. I believe grooming is the ultimate self care and choosing the right space to have your hair done is as important. At Mimi et Mina we have a very personalised service and we want this to continue in 2022.

A big THANK YOU THANK YOU to my originals; “originals” are the clients I have had for the last past 6 years, the most loyal ones that have stuck with me since the salon opened and continuously supported me along the journey, with advice and inspiration! You know who you are and I am truly grateful for you!

2021 was also a big year for me in growing as an entrepreneur and aligning my vision with what's truly missing in the black hair industry!

Over the years I realised that none of the websites that I was using and were selling hair made me dream or made me have a great experience. I always wondered why is that?

mimi et mina year in review

So in April 2021 I took the decision that Mimi et Mina will  become THE FIRST LUXURY HAIRCARE ONLINE STORE FOR BLACK WOMEN that provides quality products and the best online experience. I want every black woman to enjoy their experience online looking for hair extensions, hair products as well as hair tools!

From April to now, I have worked hard to build Mimi et Mina into an online luxury experience where you can find quality when it comes to all your hair needs for all hair types and trust in the high standard of our hair products.

I am so excited for what is to come in 2022! My vision is for Mimi et Mina to also start offering styling products, hair care products for your texture type, hair tools as well as informational blogs about hair and hair styles!

With all this in mind, me and the Mimi et Mina team would like to wish you a wonderful beginning of 2022! I cannot wait to welcome you in store and hear all about your 2022 plans! 

To success, good health and happiness


Bisou, Mimi