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The Secret to Healthy Hair: It's All in the Scalp!

Written by: Mimi Kone



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“I remember the day when my grandmother sat me down, her fingers deftly working through my thick afro curls. ‘Honey,’ she began, ‘your hair is your crown, but the scalp is the throne. Take care of it.’”


That piece of wisdom from my grandmother always stuck with me. While many of us focus on the length, texture, and style of our hair, we often overlook the foundation of it all: the scalp. Just as a plant needs fertile soil to grow, our hair requires a healthy scalp to flourish. As we transition into September, let's delve into the science of scalp health and why it's the cornerstone of radiant, strong hair.


Why is Scalp Health So Important?

The scalp is more than just the skin on our head; it's a complex ecosystem. Hair follicles, oil glands, and blood vessels all coexist in this space. When the scalp is healthy, it provides the ideal environment for hair to grow. But when it's not, various problems can arise.


Nutrient Supply: Hair follicles are fed by blood vessels that carry essential nutrients. A healthy scalp ensures efficient blood flow, nourishing the hair from the roots.

Natural Oils: The scalp produces sebum, a natural oil that moisturises the hair and keeps it shiny. An imbalance can lead to either excessively oily or dry hair.

Protection: A healthy scalp acts as a barrier against environmental aggressors like pollution and UV rays.


Common Scalp Conditions and Their Impact on Hair Growth


Several conditions can compromise scalp health:

  • Dandruff: Caused by an overproduction of skin cells, it can make the scalp itchy and flaky.

  • Psoriasis: This autoimmune condition leads to thick, silvery scales on the scalp.

  • Dermatitis: An inflamed scalp can result from reactions to hair products or underlying conditions.

  • Folliculitis: Inflamed hair follicles can lead to hair loss if not treated.


Each of these conditions can hinder hair growth by disrupting the scalp's natural balance. They can cause itching, inflammation, and even damage to the hair follicles.


woman worried about her scalp health



Just as we detox our bodies to remove impurities, our scalp occasionally needs a detox. Over time, product build-up, excess oil, and environmental pollutants can clog hair follicles. This can lead to hair thinning and reduced growth. A scalp detox helps to:

- Remove product build-up

- Balance sebum production

- Stimulate blood flow

- Provide relief from itching and inflammation

Especially before getting a weave or any other service that limits access to the scalp, a detox is crucial. Imagine going on a month-long vacation and leaving your house without cleaning it. Not a pleasant thought, right? Similarly, before sealing the scalp away, it's essential to ensure it's in its best condition.







Now, let's talk about our special offering this September. Our Wash + Blow Dry + Straightening service is not just about styling; it's a holistic treatment for your hair and scalp. We infuse moisture back into your hair, ensuring it's hydrated and resilient. But the star of the show is our Scalp Treatment. We suggest adding it to the above service.

This treatment is designed to purify and rejuvenate your scalp. It's a detoxifying experience that will let your scalp breathe, resetting its natural balance. Whether you're planning to get a weave or just want to give your hair the best foundation, this treatment is the perfect choice.


Your hair's beauty is a reflection of the health of your scalp. As we step into September, it's the perfect time to rejuvenate and reset.

Our exclusive service is tailored for the queens of afro hair, be it natural or relaxed. So, why wait? Book your session now and let your hair and scalp experience the royal treatment they truly deserve. After all, a healthy scalp is the throne upon which your gorgeous crown rests.

Until next time,





I am looking for something to treat my hair. I have fine hair. My hair is very thirsty. It sheads a lot too. My scalp is itchy.


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