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How to keep your natural wig fresh while holidaying?

Written by: Khaty Ilboudo



Time to read 1 min

Holidays are coming fast and here are a few tips to keep your natural hair wig looking fresh all through summer! 

Hang your wig 

Don't have a fancy wig stand while travelling? The easiest way to store your wig for the night is by using a door! It will help keep the hair strand untangled and fresh for the next day. 

Keep it snatched 

Whether you are a closure or a front lace wig wearer, you can go glueless while s safe and ensure your hair stays in place through the jump in the pool or the crazy activities you have booked. The solution? The Wig Fix is available in multiple shades, this grip will keep your hair snatched. 

Refresh it

While on h, giving your hair a full shampoo/treatment and blow dry is not on the list. However, your wig still deserves a TLC on your vacation; dry shampoo is the best way to do it quickly. Spray and Brush, that is it. Our favourite is the t Balmain Dry Shampoo - the scent is addictive. 

Low maintenance for best results 

Opt for high-quality hair to avoid tangling and not have to worry too much about tangling or lack of shine. Choose wigs like The Timeless Mimi or Mina that don't tangle and look great straight, curled, in a ponytail or a bun, making it the easiest wig to take with you. Above Mimi wears the limited edition Spring Wig


So where are you taking your Mimi et Mina wig on holiday? 

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