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How to Grow Your Hair Long With Wigs

Written by: Mimi Kone



Time to read 9 min

Love Long Locks? Let Your Wig Be Your New Growth BFF!

As naturals, we're always looking for protective styles that boost length. Constant manipulation can cause serious damage and stunt progress to waist-length hair dreams. Talk about frustrating! 

What if you could hide hair away to grow inches like never before? Enter: wig life. These fab hairpieces boost growth in serious ways!

For starters, they act like a barrier against daily styling and harsh elements. Also key? No pulled roots, no tangled ends, and full control over nourishing ingredients used. Talk about hair heaven! 

I breakdown the top 5 reasons why consistent wig wear lets you maximize growth and retain every inch. No more losing precious length to overstyling and breakage!

Minimize Manipulation, Maximize Growth

As afro-textured naturals, our kinky-coily locks are prone to drier strands and delicate follicles. All that twisting, braiding, tugging and heat styling session after session can end up doing more harm than good!

It's an easy cycle to fall into though. We style frequently to stretch out our curls, show off length, or recreate a Pinterest pic. But before you know it, you're dealing with brittle ends, thinning edges, and crazy shrinkage from heat damage. Not cute!

This is where protective styling with wigs can make a real difference. Ensuring very minimal handling gives those manipulation-prone strands a much needed break. Your fro gets to chill, free of binding elastics, knotting braids, or blistering hot tools.

In turn, your hair stays super strong from root to tip. Without all those stressors, strands avoid the friction and breakage that stunts growth. Just moisturise and treat your hair gently while under the wig, then let the protective powers do their thing! You'll be stunned how quickly length can come when hair isn't exposed to regular overstyling.

It takes some wig wearing dedication, but the growth results you see will be so worth it! Treat your strands right so they'll grow right. 

Save Your Strands By Protecting Ends

Protecting the ends of our hair is crucial for reaching our length goals!! Those last few inches have really been through the ringer. Years of exposure to damaging styling, rubbing from clothes, UV rays, knots and snags means they are extremely fragile. One small split can quickly travel up the entire strand, destroying all our hard-earned growth!

That's why keeping ends safely smoothed under wigs is a must. Finally our poor mistreated tips get a break from all that manipulation and friction. No more coat collars scraping against ends or gusts of wind tangling strands into knots. Ends stay securely tucked away instead of dangling freely.

And the growth benefits are immense! Avoiding damage means retaining every precious inch we work so hard for. No more trimming off length due to pesky splits travelled up from our ends. By keeping those fragile tips protected under a wig cap, we prevent the breakage that destroys growth.

Trust me ladies, take it from someone who learned the hard way. No amount of concentrated hair masks can undo the damage from unprotected ends. But keeping our ends neatly away? Now THAT lets us maximise growth. Just imagine the possibilities - waist length hair or longer that keeps getting even more fabulous! But it all starts with caring for those ends.

Give Roots A Rest, Prevent Thinning Edges

As much as we love switching up styles, constantly manipulating strands with extensions, sew-ins or tight updos can take its toll. All that tugging and tension at the roots eventually leads to thinning edges, damaged follicles and even permanent hair loss over time. No bueno!

That's where wig breaks come to the hair growth rescue! They let fragile edges and overworked strands totally chill between installs. Follicles get a refreshing restart after being smashed, pulled and fed up with braids/cornrows. Even the most dedicated protective stylist needs to give their mane a break!

And that periodic wig rest is the perfect way to do it. Simply swapping out an install for a wig lets roots decompress and rebuild strength. Blood flow returns, follicles relax, sebum replenishes. After a week or two breather, strands bounce back healthier than ever.

Then you can rock a fabulous new install or braids without causing excessive scalp tension. Rinse and repeat as needed - your refreshed fro will thank you! Remember wig breaks prevent thinning edges and permanent damage so hair can grow back robust. Take it from me ladies, listen to your locks when they need a rest!

Nourish Strands Naturally Underneath

We all know how much damage chemical processing and dyes can cause to our delicate strands. Over time, all those straightening relaxers, texturizers and vibrant colour changes leave hair dry, brittle and depleted. Not an ideal situation when trying to retain length!

The constant shedding and breakage from chemical damage really slows down growth goals. But the key is that wigs let you hide the hair healing process! Underneath your fab lace front, you can take a break from processing and aggressively nourish strands back to health.

Ditch the mineral stripping relaxers and aggressively hydrating products take centre stage - intense deep conditioners, nourishing hot oil treatments, and natural cream-based moisturisers. Feed strands the water, plant oils and emollients they’ve been missing!

The best part is you control exactly what ingredients are used while your hair heals under wigs. Customise natural concoctions with oils ideal for afro hair without worrying about visible reversion. Take your time nurturing strands until the shedding stops and natural softness returns.

So while the wig provides coveted protection on the outside, you get to focus on revitalising moisture and growth on the inside! Ditch damaging chemicals for targeted natural formulas that transform your overprocessed lengths. Just remember - the key is having wigs so you hide the awkward transition period!

Commit To Wigs, Achieve Hair Goals

When it comes to achieving our length goals with wigs, consistency really is everything. I know it can get tempting to switch up styles every few weeks, but resisting manipulation is key.

Commit to rocking wigs as a long term protective style for 3-6 straight months. No twisting out edges to check length or adjusting ponytails and buns. That constant handling and tension slows growth even in protective looks. But keeping your entire fro securely smoothed under a wig? Now we’re talking!

With zero manipulation for months, you retain every inch achieved and avoid breakage completely. All that new growth stays safe from reversion and friction as strands are tucked away. And after 3-6 months you'll be stunned by what dramatic length you’ve gained!

Wigs also maintain your end goal vision. It’s easy to get impatient weeks into a new style. But wake up, throw on your wig, and keep your eye on the long term prize! Envision yourself hitting waist length as motivation.

With that consistent growth and retention, soon enough you’ll see that coveted length irl. Protective wigs styled meticulously for 3-6 months deliver the real results. Stick with the plan ladies and you’ll have the long locks of your dreams!


Myth 6: You have to remove hair extensions to grow your natural hair out

FACTS: (False). 

Many people falsely believe that hair extensions prevent you from being able to grow out your natural hair underneath. The myth is that sew in weaves and additional hair for the braids “seal off” your own strands, blocking them from receiving proper moisture and nutrients for growth. In reality, as long as the hair extensions are installed correctly and cared for properly, your natural hair continues in its normal growth cycle uninterrupted while tucked away. So in short—hair can definitely reach longer lengths even while hair extensions remain installed long-term. Occasional trims may be needed, but overall the natural hair continues maturing at its normal pace concealed away from damage-causing elements underneath the protection of hair extensions that are well-maintained.

Myth 7: Hair Extensions only last 1-2 months

FACTS: (False). 

How long hair extensions last depends greatly on the installation method, aftercare and lifestyle factors. But with proper maintenance between salon visits, many temporary hair extension such as tape-ins, micro bead links and sew-ins can safely stay in for up to 8-12 weeks at a time before needing removal and/or reinstallation. Ensuring edges are tension-free, gently washing once a week, moisturising the hair including your own hair underneath, sleeping on a satin pillowcase and avoiding sources of friction/snagging helps them last their maximum duration before looking unkempt.


Myth 8: Wearing hair extensions means you don’t have to focus on hair health

FACTS: (False). 

Though hair extensions protect strands, natural hair still requires care while installed long-term. Underneath weaves and wigs, old hair can dry out and new growth may not mature properly without moisture and nutrients. Lack of circulation causes matting, tangling or breakage once extensions come out. That's why natural hair needs consistent conditioning and oil treatments even while hidden away. Gently shampooing, massaging scalp oils, taking hair health breaks, and detangling regularly maintains moisture balance, minimises knots, and keeps natural manes healthy despite protective hair extensions.

Myth 9: You can’t work out with hair extensions

FACTS: (False).

Sweating is not problematic for tape-in, micro link and other temporary hair extensions as long as you properly cleanse and condition afterwards. 

The key is keeping both the installed hair AND your own hair underneath moisturised while avoiding friction that can loosen bonds over time. Gentle brushing, protective night time styling and using sweatbands to absorb moisture during workouts helps. However, those with sewn-in weave extensions should avoid intense cardio exercise since excess sweat and movement weaken the threads over time. Low impact activity is best to maximise longevity.

Myth 10: Coloured hair extensions damage natural hair

FACTS: (Partly True). 

While permanent dyes and bleaches can leach chemicals over time, selective semi-permanent colouring and quality hair dramatically reduces damage risk. 

When used responsibly on resilient virgin hair by skilled stylists, moderate processing leaves hair extensions smoothly coloured for long-lasting wear without harming natural hair through transfer or dryness. Proper aftercare like sulphate-free shampooing and hydrating treatments also maintains colour purity and healthy feel without needing overly harsh repeat processing. So with conscientious methods, coloured hair extensions integrate beautifully without damaging risks.


And there you have it—the real truth dispelling the biggest myths and exaggerated fears around hair extensions for textured hair. As you can see, modern hair extension methods allow stunning versatility without necessarily wrecking your natural locks when responsibly installed and maintained.

The key is doing your homework to find quality human hair extensions, qualified stylists familiar with texture needs, and then taking precautions around gentle cleansing, night time wrapping, scalp oiling and protective handling. Take it from me, with reasonable care any woman can enjoy long flowing lengths or perfect protective styles without compromising their crown’s health or hindering growth.

If you're yearning for further inches or simply need a break from intensive daily styling, visit our wigs and hair extensions collection on Mimi et Mina. Our hair provides incredible longevity, seamlessly blends with natural texture, and retains beautiful movement wash after wash when properly cared for at home. Plus as an added perk exclusively for new readers, you can save 10% off your first hair purchase when joining our newsletter. Time to finally make those hair goals a reality!

Until next time, 




Do wigs really help hair grow faster?

By keeping strands protected from manipulation, friction, and styling heat, wigs allow your hair to retain every inch of growth. Less breakage = faster growth to longer lengths.

I'm nervous about my edges with wig wear. Any tips?

Make sure to gently press down edges with scarf or silk bonnet while securing wig. Don't pull wig cap too taut around hairline. Give edges wig breaks and massage scalp to increase blood flow.

Will wigs damage my natural curls?

 As long as you regularly moisturize and gently detangle hair under wig cap, curls will stay healthy. Ditch damaging chemical processing for natural products while hair is protected

How long until I see growth from consistent wig wear?

You'll likely see at least 2 inches in 3 months. Stay consistent for 6+ months and you could see over 4 inches of growth! Just avoid too much manipulation and let protective powers work


Mimi Kone

The Author: Mimi Kone

Mimi is the founder of a brand called "Mimi et Mina". She was born in Burkina Faso and later moved to France for her studies, where she briefly worked as a model. Afterward, she completed her education and moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived before eventually relocating to London. She loves everything luxury, self development and meaningful friendships.


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