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Written by: Mimi Kone



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We've been receiving a few emails from you, all curious about the secrets of hair growth. It’s also a hot topic in a lot of conversations at the salon. So, we thought, why not dive deep into this topic and unravel the mysteries of our tresses? 


But, let's set the record straight first: we're not here to promise you Rapunzel-like locks overnight or a potion that magically regrows hair in a jiffy. 


Instead, we're all about authenticity, and we're here to share the real deal about hair growth and length retention. 


So, grab a cup of tea, and let's embark on this hair-raising journey together!

Hair Growth vs. Length Retention: What's the Difference?


When you think about your hair goals, what comes to mind? Are you dreaming of longer locks or simply wanting to maintain the length you already have? It's essential to understand the difference between hair growth and length retention. While they might sound similar, they play distinct roles in our hair journey.


The Science Behind Hair Growth

Hair growth isn't just about wishing upon a star; it's a fascinating process backed by science. Let's break it down:


Anagen (The Growing Phase): This phase is like the youth of your hair. It lasts between 3-7 years and is when your hair is actively growing. Imagine it as the golden period of your hair's life.


Catagen (The Transition Phase): Think of this as the adolescent phase of your hair. Lasting around 10 days to 3 weeks, this is when your hair takes a little break. The growth slows down, and the follicles begin to shrink. At any given time, about 3% of your hair is in this phase.


Telogen (The Resting Phase): This is the mature phase, where your hair takes a well-deserved rest. Lasting between 3-6 months, 6-8% of your hair is in this phase. During this time, you might notice some hair shedding, but fear not! It's all part of the process.


The beauty of this cycle is that each hair follicle operates independently. So, while some hairs might be resting, others are growing. This ensures that we don't wake up one day with a sudden bald patch!


woman combing afro hair

The Mystery of Stagnant Hair Length

Now, you might wonder, "If my hair is continuously growing, why does it seem to stay the same length?" The answer lies in the delicate balance between growth and breakage. If your hair breaks at the same rate it grows, it might seem like it's stuck in time. But don't despair; the key to unlocking growth lies in length retention.


Unlocking the Secrets of Length Retention


Achieving length retention is like nurturing a plant. With the right care, it will flourish. Here are our golden rules:


Trimming: It might sound counterintuitive, but trimming is your hair's best friend. Regular trims prevent split ends from travelling up the hair shaft, causing more damage. By snipping away the damaged ends, you pave the way for healthier, longer hair.


Hydration: Imagine your hair as a thirsty plant. Without water, it becomes brittle and prone to breakage. Hydrating your hair, especially with products like our MILK, ensures it remains supple and strong.


Low-maintenance: Treat your hair like royalty. Avoid excessive styling, direct heat, and tight hairstyles. These can weaken your hair over time. Instead, opt for protective styles and give your hair the tender love and care it deserves.

Remember, while long hair is a beautiful goal, healthy hair is the real crown. It's all about finding a balance in your routine, ensuring your hair not only grows but thrives.


At Mimi et Mina, we're passionate about celebrating the beauty of curls, coils, and afros. We believe in nurturing hair with love and care, rather than chasing after quick fixes. So, if you're on a journey towards luscious locks, remember: healthy hair practices are your best allies.

Your Hair's Spa Day at Mimi et Mina

We can't stress enough the importance of professional care in your hair journey. Why not treat your locks to a rejuvenating session at Mimi et Mina? Our expert stylists are here to offer personalised treatments that cater to your hair's unique needs. A regular trim at our salon not only keeps those pesky split ends at bay but also ensures that your hair remains vibrant and healthy. 

Remember, staying on top of your appointments is crucial to retaining the length you've worked so hard for. Think of it as a spa day for your hair – because your tresses deserve pampering too! Book your appointment today and let's work together to achieve those hair goals. 💇‍♀️✨


We'd love to hear from you! If you've tweaked your routine to focus on length retention, do share your experiences and tips in the comments below. Let's inspire and uplift each other on this beautiful hair journey! 💇‍♀️❤️


Until then,





We offer luscious hair treatments whether it is for your scalp or to add moisture to your hair, without forgetting about these necessary trims! 

Book with us today and let's hold onto this hair growth.


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