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Bye-Bye Build up, Hello Beautiful: Wigs (And Extensions!) Maintenance At Home Made Easy

Written by: Mimi Kone



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Ah, wigs and extensions – the secret weapons for instant hair transformations, from luscious locks to vibrant colours, from short to long. But just like our natural tresses, these beauties need TLC to stay healthy and gorgeous. One sneaky enemy they face? Product build up. Yes, those styling sprays, mousses, and even regular shampoos can leave unwanted residues, making your wig feel dull, sticky, and heavy.

But do not worry. At Mimi et Mina, we have compiled the ultimate guide to removing product build up and restoring your wig (and extensions) to their former glory. Buckle up, because we're diving into the signs, solutions, and best practices for a mane that shines just as bright as your confidence.

Signs of Product Build up: Is Your Wig Throwing Hints?

Wig collection by Mimi et Mina

If you listen closely, your wig whispers clues about its well-being. Watch out for these tell tale signs of product build up:

  •  Hair feels "sticky" or weighed down:  Remember how your hair feels after a long day at the beach? That's buildup! If your wig feels similar, it's time for a cleanse.

  •  Dullness and lack of shine:  Gone are the days of vibrant, bouncy waves. Buildup can zap your wig's natural shine, making it look lifeless.

  •  Tangled tresses:  Frustrated detangling sessions? Buildup creates friction, leading to frustrating knots and tangles.

Combating the Buildup: Your Wig's Rescue Mission

Now that you've identified the culprit, let's unleash the rescue squad! Here are your key weapons:

 1. The Mighty Clarifying Shampoo:  Like a knight in shining armor, a clarifying shampoo cuts through grime and buildup without stripping your precious strands. Use one designed for wigs and extensions (they're gentler than those for regular hair) about once every other month, or whenever you usually wash your wigs. Remember, overuse can be drying, so find the sweet spot for your wig's needs.


2. The Baking Soda Brigade:  Don't underestimate the power of this kitchen hero! Mix baking soda with water to create a paste, apply it gently to your wig, and rinse thoroughly. Remember, baking soda can be slightly alkaline, so follow up with a conditioner to balance the pH and keep your hair happy.


3. The Gentle Comb Crew:  Don't just grab any brush! Use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your wig before and after cleansing. This helps remove loose residue and prevents further damage. Start from the ends, like you would do with your own hair, up to the roots. Be mindful not to pull too harshly to avoid damaging the foundation of your wig.

The process remains the same for hair extension bundles.

Noughty Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Beyond Buildup: Nurturing Your Wig with Conditioning Care

Even after fighting off buildup, remember this: a healthy wig is a happy wig. Here's how to keep it thriving:

  •  Leave-In Love:  Use a leave-in conditioner preferably formulated for wigs. These lightweight formulas detangle, add moisture, and prevent static without weighing down your hair.

  •  Silicone Savvy:  Steer clear of conditioners with heavy silicones, as they can contribute to build up over time. Opt for water-based or silicone-free formulas for peace of mind.

  •  Deep Dive with Deep Conditioning:  Treat your wig to a spa day with a deep conditioning mask every few weeks. This hydrates and nourishes the hair, especially important for processed human hair wigs.

Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner

Salon Wig Control Conditioner for Synthetic And Human Wig

Remember, the Key is Consistency:

Regular cleansing, conditioning, and proper storage are the secrets to a wig that looks and feels fabulous. By following these tips, you'll not only maintain its beauty but also extend its lifespan, saving you precious pennies in the long run. Remember, your wigs are an investment, so look after it well, and it will look after you.

So, go ahead, conquer those product build up monsters, and rock your stunning wig (and extensions!) with confidence! Remember, beautiful hair isn't just about genetics, it's about giving your locks the love and care they deserve. ✨

Until next time, 




Mimi Kone

The Author: Mimi Kone

Mimi is the founder of a brand called "Mimi et Mina". She was born in Burkina Faso and later moved to France for her studies, where she briefly worked as a model. Afterward, she completed her education and moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived before eventually relocating to London. She loves everything luxury, self development and meaningful friendships.


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