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Discover these black-owned brands must-have

At Mimi et Mina, we've always been dedicated to empowering women. Our brand was born from a desire to create a luxurious haven of well-being for black women, and that mission continues to drive us today. As we continue to grow our e-commerce, we're excited to share some of the black-owned brands that deserve your support.


Danessa Myricks is a makeup brand that's been flying off the shelves. With its luxurious packaging and vibrant, rich colours, it caters to the deepest tones. The blurring technology in their powder products works like magic, melting away imperfections to reveal radiant skin. One of our must-haves is the Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder, a true game-changer.


Koba, named after the Lingala word for "Turtle", takes pride in creating products that really work. Their range features Safou oil, a fruit rich in fatty acids and vitamins that boost collagen production and strengthen the skin's barrier, resulting in visible and long-lasting hydration. Our must-have is their award-nominated Touch Me Hand cream, a true indulgence for your skin.


TCOYDS, which stands for Take Care Of Your Damn Self, offers a collection of perfume oils that are sure to turn heads. Made in Dubai, these little bottles are perfect for your clutch, and a little goes a long way, thanks to their oil-based formula. Our Must-Have is their Ostentatious scent, a captivating blend that will leave a lasting impression.


Uhuru products are infused with chebe powder, known as the secret to Chadians' long, luscious hair. Whether it's in the form of a butter, a shampoo bar, or a conditioner bar, Uhuru offers different options with this miracle ingredient into your hair care routine easily. Our must-have is their Chebe hair oil, a luxurious treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft, nourished, and absolutely stunning.