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6 ways you can treat your mum on Mother’s day

Mothers are the most important women in our lives, they gave us life and love us unconditionally.

For those who are lucky to spend Mother’s day with their mum, make sure you cherish every moment, look after her and remember all the sacrifices she has made for you.

6 ways to treat your mum on Mother's Day


My mum is my hero, I have always seen her working hard and making sure she could provide for her family, achieve her goals and be completely independent financially.

At 62 today, she stills wakes up at 7am and goes to run her business just because she is passionate about cooking. She works a lot, maybe too much sometimes.

She launched her catering business when I was 12. I have always admired her work ethic, her love for her family and her generosity. Sadly I won't be able to spend mothers day with her but I have planned a lovely Spa day for her with massage and a night stay in one of the best Hotels in Burkina Faso.

Here my top recommendations of how to treat your Mama:

  1. Spa day at the Corinthia Hotel
  2. Beauty session at Nails and Brows
  3. Night stay at The Connaught
  4. A weekend with her at Soho Farmhouse
  5. A lovely brunch at Coworth Park
  6. Pampering hair day at Mimi et Mina

At Mimi et Mina Salon de Beaute we aim to offer an exclusive pampering experience to all our clientele. We love to elevate your salon experience, hence why is the perfect way to spoil your mum. Ready to make an appoinment? Click here to view our Salon Menu. 

Whatever you would choose, you can break the bank because she deserves it. My mum is my hero and I cannot wait to experience what it is to be a mum one day.

Mimi et Mina Mother's Day