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Service Series: What is a Silk Press and what are the benefits of getting one done

Written by: Marie Darmyn



Time to read 1 min

Watch our before and after Silk Press short video

A silk press is a process of straightening natural hair using a flat iron. Silk presses leave the hair looking shiny and smooth like… you guess it: silk. The hair cuticle is sealed, which leaves the hair looking healthy and reduces frizz. 

Silk presses can last up to 4-6 weeks, making them a popular choice for those who want to extend the time between wash days.

There are many benefits to getting a silk press, including:

-Reduced frizz

-Increased shine

-Longer lasting straight style

-Protected hair cuticle

Step-by-step guide on how we achieve a silk press for you in the salon

  1. Starting with clean, dry, and detangled hair is essential for the success of your silk press. We use the correct thermal products to do so.

  1. We section your hair into manageable sections and clip away the top section of hair so that we can work with one section at a time on how to prepare your hair for a silk press.

  1. We use a flat iron to straighten your hair in small sections, working from the roots to the ends. We go slow to make sure we get every little strand, but also to avoid doing too many passes which could be damaging to your hair.

  1. Once your hair is completely straight, we may apply a light oil or serum to your hair to help add shine and protect your hair from heat damage.

  1. We style your hair as desired and enjoy your sleek, silk press!

What to do after your hair has been straightened with a silk press.

After your hair has been straightened with a silk press, it is important to maintain the style. You should avoid getting your hair wet after the initial silk press to give your hair time to settle. Be sure to use a heat protectant before styling your hair with heat tools and avoid over-styling your hair to maintain its health and longevity. 

Following these tips will help you enjoy your silk press for weeks to come!

Until then,



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