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Written by: Marie Darmyn



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The ‘Happy New Year’ wishes have long since run dry, but that won’t stop me from wishing you all the best for 2023. It’s going to be brimming with success and adventure - I can feel it.


Every year, I pay tribute to my Burkina Faso heritage and travel back to spend the festive period with my family. As 2022 drew to a close, I celebrated seven years of Mimi et Mina - such an exciting milestone. Therefore, I felt a little rest and relaxation was in order and I decided to take some time off and explore the continent.


I may have been in full blown holiday mode, but rest assured, my impeccable sew-in weave took zero breaks. Our signature Indonesian locks blended seamlessly with my natural hair and it was super easy to style.


West Africa was a dream, and I would love to see what Mimi et Mina could bring to the haircare market over there. Watch this space!


Until then, here is the first Mimi’s monthly roundup of the year - a whistlestop tour of all the things that have captured my senses in January 2023.


Mimi sees…Africa


Ghana is the most incredible eclectic hub, and I loved meeting fellow visitors and hearing their stories. After Accra, I visited Abidjan in the Ivory Coast which is well-versed in the wow factor, trust me. Green, buzzing and well-developed, I think our brand would fit in beautifully with the ritualistic culture of self-care. Mimi et Mina to Africa in 2023? You heard it here first.



More pictures of Mimi's trip at the end of the blog!


Mimi listens to…Afrobeats


If you know me, you’ll know that I am a massive fan of Afrobeats. While I was on my trip I attended Ghana’s Afro Nation festival and had a total blast.




Mimi smells…Bibliothèque by Byredo


Yet again, Byredo’s fragrance Bibliothèque has me in a chokehold. Mellow, fruity and sophisticated, the notes give off expensive vibes and I’m here for it.



Mimi feels…the sun


A boost of vitamin D during the winter is a total must-have. The sun’s rays on my skin just change my mood instantly, and so I will always say YES to a sunny destination during the festive season to help me recharge my batteries.


Mimi tastes…fresh burrata


I was blown away by Accra’s beautiful Bella Afrik restaurant. Run by Italian Ghanaian Claudio Sarfati, it provides an authentic Italian dining experience like no other. What he has built is outstanding, and I couldn’t get enough of Bella Afrik’s delicious burrata made from cow’s milk from the Fulani.





Mimi wanted to share with you a bit more of her time in Africa, so here are some photos!























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