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The holy grail ponytail is the object of all our hair fantasies – no look is more effortlessly chic, and yet, you may assume that it requires great skill to master. This week, I’m here to prove to you that the sleek summer pony is easy enough that even a beginner can get it right. Plus, there is no straightening involved in this step-by-step guide – it’s the ideal hairstyle for navigating a heatwave!


  1. Moisture is king


The summer months are heaven, but harsh on your locks. The sun’s rays can dry out your hair, meaning that you will be in desperate need of some moisture. After using a soft-bristle brush on your natural hair, grab some of your favourite leave-in conditioner (St Claire’s is one of my all-time favourites) and work it in into your roots.


  1. Super secure


A gorgeous sleek pony is seriously dramatic – whether you prefer yours high or low. Use an elastic band to secure your desired hair piece at the base of your pony, taking care to ensure that there are no infuriating ridges – if you find this part tricky, use your brush to help you smooth your hair as you go.


  1. Gel it up


The final ingredient in my recipe for the ultimate summer pony involves a trusty soft gel. I adore Eco Styler’s Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel. It’s at an affordable price point and is amazing for making your edges look sleek – giving you a beautiful, streamlined effect.