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Evolving our Boutique post COVID19

I am so excited for what 2022 is bringing to the brand and I have 2 big news to share with you.

Over the past year we have successfully launched our e-commerce store and our clientele is delighted and can’t get enough! We are proud to have shipped Mimi et Mina Hair Couture across the world from LONDON to FRANCE, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, KENYA, GHANA, NIGERIA, SOUTH AFRICA, CONGO, NIGER, GERMANY, AUSTRIA. 

We are so happy and so proud that we are a London brand known internationally.

Running both businesses wasn’t easy, as at times it felt hard. I had to prioritise and focus to keep pushing forward.


Today I am so proud and glad to share my 2 big news!


  1. We are renovating our salon to offer you a brand new store from September. The inspiration behind our new boutique is to become a salon loft with beautiful displays of our ethically sourced hair and curated hair care products. A refreshed space to welcome you for your appointments.

  2. We are becoming exclusively ONLINE BOOKING. We want to focus on providing a bespoke experience during your Salon visit. Meaning we will invest in expert stylists to provide the best hair service and attend to your hair & styling needs.


How will this work?

In order to make your experience exceptional, we are moving our booking system. From the 1st of April, our salon telephone line will no longer be open and instead you can book directly online at

We are removing the reception to bring you a luxury experience and adding a showcase of our hair brand and all the hair texture we offer as well as carefully selected hair products that are amazing for your hair.

For  any query or questions, you can email us at and our customer service team will get back to you in no time.

You are welcomed to have a consultation with us and you can do so by booking online and we would be delighted to welcome you in store and discuss your hair