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Are you (really) looking after your natural hair?

Your natural hair is a beautiful part of you that deserves to be lovingly cared for. Even if you wear protective styles for most of the year it's important not to neglect your real crowning glory. 

Textured hair is a supernova. It swirls and shrinks and stands tall like no other hair type. It's versatile and extraordinarily malleable ,- but, it can easily become dry and damaged if it isn't nourish in the way it needs.

So here are my best tips on how to keep your natural, textured hair healthy, however you choose to wear it. 

1. Avoid shampoo's containing sulphate

Sulphates are cleansing agents found in most shampoo's. They're great at removing oil and build-up left on the hair and scalp, but they're just way too harsh for textured hair.

What our curls need most is hydration and the oils found naturally in our hair. But sulphates tend to strip them away, leaving hair brittle and susceptible to breakage.

So instead, opt for a moisturising shampoo like this Balmain Moisturising Shampoo which is part of our Balmain Travel bag

Hydration is key

Water and oil are textured hair's best friends. They help minimise breakage and keep your crown looking and feeling it's healthiest.

You can give your hair the nourishment it needs by applying oils to your hair through moisturizers and sprays. But also by sleeping in a silk bonnet and making sure you’re drinking plenty of water to help hydrate from the inside out.


Get regular trims

Our community can sometimes get fixated on hair length. But what's important is how healthy hair is, not how long.

Although this may feel counterintuitive, when you’re trying to grow your hair, getting regular trims is key.  Make sure you’re getting your ends trimmed at least once every 4 months to ensure you’re getting rid of any damage or breakage. This will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and also help it to grow.


Wear protective styles

Most women report that their hair feels its healthiest after time spent in protective hairstyles like cornrows, wigs, and braids.

These styles help our hair grow by minimising manipulation and protecting the ends from factors like strong winds and the heat from the sun.

We all love the ease of these styles, but they shouldn't negate actually caring for our natural hair. Always oil your scalp and hair on a weekly basis - even within a protective style. 


Our natural crowns 

f you’re looking to grow longer, healthier hair, why not give these methods a try!