Weaves and Wigs

Weaves and Wigs

weaves and wigs


Hair weaving technic was created in the 1950s by Christina Jenkins and has proved to be the best for afro hair extensions. Today, weaves are the most popular hair extensions technic for black women with afro or relaxed hair. It is an easy way to add some length by putting your hair away during winter to let it grow and it’s a great protective hairstyle.

It is important when doing a weave or sew-in for the first time to book an initial consultation with a stylist to make sure they understand your hair type and is able to achieve a great service without pulling on the hairlines.

If a stylist is unable to understand your hair type and the care it needs, there are high risks of the weaves to damage your hairlines.

How to maintain weave

Weaves are easy to wear day to day and request very low maintenance. You should be able to wash the weave, your scalp and apply oil moisture. It is therefore important to book a weave blow dry with your stylist every 2 weeks.

A weave can be worn for 8 to 12 weeks, however, at Mimi et Mina we highly recommend to customers to not keep your weave for a month without washing it.



Wigs are the most popular and trending hairstyle at the moment for black women. They are becoming somehow as popular as weave because they are very low maintenance and great value for money.

How long do wigs last?

A well-maintained wig will last for approximately 2 years before you have to purchase another one and the styled wig will last up to 10 to 15 days. In order for the wig to last for 2 years, you will need to invest in good quality hair.

At Mimi et Mina, we offer custom wigs services at the salon, click here to book a consultation for more information.