Afro Hair

Afro Hair


What is Afro Hair?

Afro-textured hair has a very dense texture but remains the weakest hair in the world behind Caucasian (2nd) and Asian hair (the strongest).

Afro hair thickness results from a combination of the follicles themselves and how many of them line our scalp.

The size of the follicles determines if the hair strands are thick or thin. Large follicles produce thick hair and small follicles produce thin hair.

African hair produces plenty of protective oils, called sebum. In fact, African hair actually produces more oils than Caucasian and Asian hair. However, due to the tight curls, the oil fails to spread evenly along the hair fiber. And if not moisture and treated it breaks off due to no sebum.

So it is a weak hair that needs constant care!

Different Types of Afro Hair

The chart below is the most commonly used chart to help determine hair types


Hair texture

Hair description


Straight (fine)

Very soft, shiny, hard to hold a curl, hair tends to be oily, hard to damage.


Straight (medium)

Has lots of body. (i.e. more volume, more full).


Straight (coarse)

Hard to curl (i.e. bone straight).


Wavy (loose waves)

Can accomplish various styles. Loose “S” pattern. Hair sticks close to the head.


Wavy (defined waves)

A bit resistant to styling. Hair has more of a defined “S” pattern. Hair Tends to be frizzy.


Wavy (wide waves)

Hair has wider waves. Resistant to styling. Hair tends to be frizzy.


Curly (loose curls)

Thick & full with lots of body. Definite curl pattern. Hair tends to be frizzy. Can have a combination texture.


Curly (tight curls)

Medium amount of space of the curls. Can have a combined texture.


Curly (corkscrews)

Tight curls in corkscrews. The curls are very tightly curled.


Kinky (defined coil)

Tightly coiled. Has a more of a defined kink pattern.


Kinky (z coil)

Tightly coiled. Little less defined kink pattern. Has more of a “Z”-shaped pattern.


Kinky (tight coil)

Tightly coiled. Almost no visible defined kink pattern, unless seen from up close. Has more of a very tight “Z”-shaped pattern.

Source: https://bit.ly/2MOctrz

Caring for Your Afro Hair

Because of the fragility of Afro hair, it needs constant care such as:

  • Treatments every 2 to 3 weeks
  • Regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Use of a silk scarf at night to protect it
  • Daily moisture
Hairstyles recommeded for Afro-Hair

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