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The Timeless Nikki Wig

About our Hair

This classic short bob wig is for the elegant woman, working in a corporate environment, who wants to be professional and natural-looking yet very chic with an effortless bounce. It is bespoke made of Indonesian hair and a lace closure 5x5 but can also be made as a frontal wig. All our wigs from the Timeless Collection are bespoke to meet every single client’s needs and for the woman who want to invest in a timeless piece.


How to care

Use a serum daily and make sure you get your wig washed every 3 weeks by a professional. We offer the service at our boutique.


The Nikki wig hair is from Indonesia, in a very small village and our supplier is a family owned business that works with only 16 clients. Our hair range is very exclusive. Length: 10 inches.