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Why Indonesian Hair is the best to buy for long lasting wigs?

I have been wearing hair extensions since the age of 15. Ever since, I have tried it all: from synthetic hair, to virgin hair and raw human hair.

It’s been a growth process and also learning about each type of hair’s texture and finding the best quality hair. 

Indonesian Hair Wig


10 years ago if you would have asked me: What is the best hair for long lasting styles?

I would definitely say that Indian hair is the best hair to go to. But then when I got to try Indonesian Hair and it felt like an instant upgrade. 

Why is Indonesian Hair the best for long lasting styles?

Indonesian hair is great because it's bouncy and we all want the slay bouncy hair, don’t we? 

It is also great because it doesn't tangle at all and it’s very long lasting. Meaning that when you wash your hair it always looks brand new! Like you just went to the store to buy it again, and it makes you feel fabulous. 

Investing in good hair when you are wearing wigs is key and I believe Indonesian hair is the best quality and a great investment when looking to buy a bespoke wig that can last you for years.

Indonesian hair is shiny, bouncy, tangle free, easy to style and maintain daily. 

indonesian hair bundles


Check out our handmade and bespoke wigs in the Timeless Collection that will give you a flawless look everyday. Our Indonesian hair bundles are also carefully curated to give you an easy lifestyle with fabulous and good hair everyday.