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Why are Mimi et Mina Hair Extensions the Best?

I get it. There are hundreds of brands out there selling hair extensions, so why should you buy ours? What is so special about Mimi et Mina hair?


Well let me explain…


Our hair extensions are made from the highest quality Indonesian Hair that lasts for at least 5 years. So if you want to break the cycle of having to buy new hair extensions every few months and invest in hair that ACTUALLY lasts then this is the hair for you.


Our Indonesian hair has a soft, silky texture that mixes well with your natural hair and it looks brand new after washing. It is incredibly lightweight and bouncy and doesn’t tangle! Meaning not only will you look beautiful wearing it, you’ll be effortlessly beautiful.


So are you convinced yet?


Check out our Indonesian Hair here! We offer both curly and straight hair, so that you can be prepared for any style and occasion.


Indonesian Hair