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3 ways you can style your Mimi et Mina Hair with a scarf

Silk scarfs are great at protecting our hair, however they make a great accessory too.

Whenever I feel like changing my look instantly I add a scarf. It’s the quickest way to elevate your look by accessorising. 


Here’s my favourite 3 ways you can style your Mimi et Mina Hair with a scarf and get that Parisian chic look for this easter. 


1. My top favourite is the ponytail tie. It’s as simple as taking your scarf and tying it around your ponytail. It instantly elevates your look. You can either opt for a sleek ponytail or pull some of the hair for a more relaxed look. 

Watch below how I accessories the Mimi Wig from our Timeless Collection with a scarf.




2. The second way you can wear your scarf is in a turban headscarf. You take your scarf and tie a knot at the top of your head. You can tuck the ends inside the scarf.


3. Third look is using the scarf to do a classic headband. For this look you will need a thin scarf, start by wrapping at the top of your head and tie a knot at the back underneath your hair. You can leave some strands of hair at the front for a cute chic look. 

Let me know which one is your favourite.


Don’t forget to tag us on instagram when wearing your Mimi et Mina hair.