Laetitia Tomasso for Mimi Empowered Friends

We are delighted for our September issue to introduce Laetitia Tomasso, Founder of Laetitia Tomasso.   She is a fashion stylist and creative consultant before that she was a lawyer in Investment Banking. If you are looking for a styling session, refreshing your wardrobe or simply a personal shopper, get in touch with Laetitia.

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MEET  Laetitia Tomasso


What do you think about Mimi et Mina as a woman in the fashion industry? Are we fashionable?

I think that Mimi and Mina is the place to go for elegant and stylish women. It is not the place where you will get a crazy hair cuts or bubble gum highlights. Mimi et Mina is the sophisticated salon where one would come for a luxurious hair treatment, natural highlights, weaves, cuts and bouncy blow dries before an event or a date night in town …



Tell us a little bit about yourself (background, studies…)

 I was born and bred in Paris from a German mother and a half French half Italian father. I studied law at La Sorbonne and have an MA in banking and financial law. I’ve worked in Paris in investment banking for a few years before moving to London. I’ve always worked in fashion in parallel to my legal and banking jobs.

Before taking the plunge and going freelance as a fashion stylist I also had a few businesses in London including a hair and beauty salon in Marylebone, which I have now exited. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand and I absolutely adore what you did with Mimi et Mina! I quit the banking world 2.5 years ago and I am working full time as a fashion stylist and brand consultant. I am doing editorials and celebrity styling, music and film projects and a lot of personal styling – personal branding is such a powerful tool!


What advice would you give to women who would like to work in fashion?

Ah! It is a hard one. Fashion is such a broad industry! As a general one, I think that you should come up with a plan. Get a rough idea of what you want to do and research how people you look up to got there. I would also advise interning and doing test shoots if you want to do some editorial work and follow the fashion shows and develop your knowledge of designers, brands and trends if you want to go into personal styling. I started styling my Mum’s friends since I was 16. I would also highly recommend looking for a mentor. It is very important to build up a network of people who would support and sponsor you in your journey to the top!

Lastly I truly believe that the road to success is planning, hard work and consistency. It is important to have a business plan and breakdown your short, mid and long term objectives into action plans and to-do list. That’s what got me there in all my jobs: banking, businesses and now styling and creative consulting.


What’s your ultimate goal with Laetitia Tomasso?

 Whilst I think that’s very important to have goals and objectives. I think that it is equally important to have an open mind and grab opportunities. That was a huge shift for me after moving to freelance from the corporate world. In banking, new deals and projects automatically land on your desk. As a freelance I have to create work for myself via my personal brand and constant networking. This is how I am now also working as an influencer and a brand consultant. So I want to stay loyal to this approach . Other than that I would love to do some TV work and work on big budget editorial projects!


As a fashion stylist today, how do you give back? Are you involved in charity work?

I’ve been involved in charity and corporate social responsibility initiatives for years but my involvement has changed in the past few years. I used to volunteer and help with the logistics of fundraising but I am making donations on behalf of my clients after a wardrobe detox. I deliver up to 80 boxes of unwanted items to charity shops per year.

I collaborate with charities on film projects as actors costumes need to look worn and raise awareness about the charities as a thank you for their help (Cancer Research, Oxfam, Suited and Booted)

I’ve been asked to join a few campaigns as an influencer and I am in discussion with a charity to help them with fundraising and awareness strategies.

I also have regular interns and mentees whom I am training in various skills. Having had a few businesses in the past few years I think that the main thing missing, from kids leaving school, are « life skills » and I am keen on helping young people to fill this gap and fulfil their potential


What’s are you the most proud of?

I am most proud of the moment when I decided to take control of my life and move away from what was perfect on paper but made me miserable– to create the life of my dreams which all started with quitting the finance industry. I am living a dream every day and I’ve never looked back.

 We all know fashion is very competitive, how do you remain and  push through hard times?

The thing with the creative industry is that there’s space for everyone. It is not like in the corporate world where 20 people fight for the same job, in my field if 10 people are good there’s space for all of them! The key thing is to find your niche and have excellent work ethics. Shoots are fun, getting clothes and beauty products are amazing and events are something else but it is important to remember that’s work. Arriving on time, being polite, professional, grateful and pleasant to work with are all soft skills that will get you to the next level.

When I have a bad day and something does not go the way I wanted, I am being very kind with myself and after a workout or a blow dry I just go back to the drawing board. Ok it is a « no » for this project but could it mean a maybe for something else? This has been a great reminder for challenging myself, growing professionally and personally.

There is a saying in the corporate world that people throw at conversations with a serious look «you don’t know what you don’t know» This is not true for the entrepreneurial world – you always need to find, try and learn what you do not know to succeed … or at least try your very best to do things better!


Why would you recommend Mimi et Mina?

I love Mimi et Mina, the hair services are tip top, the decor and location are amazing, the atmosphere is super friendly and let’s not forget … coffee is excellent!