Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

We are the expert in all hair extensions methods for all hair-type. We provide micro-ring, pre-bonded, clip-in, weave, LA extensions.

Extend the life of your style by giving more volume or lengths to your hair. We believe that life is too short do have boring hair.


Your free consultation will last 20mn, we assess your hair to colour match and choose the most suitable application method. This step is important to ensure that your extensions look very natural.


On the day of your hair extensions appointment it will take us 1h 30 mn for a half head and 3h for a full head. Hot drinks and cold drinks are available including Champagne! Your favourite magazine will be ordered for you.


A blow-dry service is offered after 6 weeks with a follow up.


Maintenance service after 3 months.

Does hair extensions damage my hair?

Hair extensions won’t damage your hair as long as they are installed properly.

Will my hair look natural?

At Mimi et Mina it’s a bespoke service and we strive to make your extensions look very natural using the most suitable method of application.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Yes, We can colour your hair extensions because we work with 100% human hair.

How do I look after my extensions?

Hair extensions look and feel like your own hair!
You can treat it just like your hair. However extra care must be taken to keep your extensions in great conditions. Maintenance and follow up are necessary.

How do I remove my hair extensions?

Hair extensions should be professionally removed to avoid causing damage to your hair.